Visit our Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid section to learn what the differences are. It’s important to understand that indicas are generally heavier, body stones; sativa will give you a more cerebral head high, and hybrids, of course, are a combination of the two. There are hundreds of different kinds of strains within these three categories, and you’ll see different ones on our pages everyday, but to give you some idea of just how different the smoke in your toke can be, our experts have reviewed some of Canada’s favourites for you here - one from each category. From the Indica side : Girl Scout Cookies. From the Sativa side : Jack Herer. From team Hybrid : Lemon Kush.

Now let’s see how our reviewers thought they compare :


Girl Scout Cookies

The interestingly named Girl Scout Cookies has drawn a lot of attention - not least because it was hugely popular North America wide among true cannabis fans when it emerged a few years ago. Also known as GSC, it is described as especially euphoric with one of the highest THC content levels on the market. GSC is definitely an In-Da-Couch indica - it will have you sinking into your sofa and closing your eyes blissing out if you’re not careful! If you deal with any kind of chronic pain or inflammation, sore muscles, and other body pain, you won’t be feeling it much after a few tokes of this one!


If you’re in the know, the name of this strain will make you nod and smile before you even roll a joint. What? You don’t know Jack? You should! Herer, an author who became a cannabis legend decades ago with the publication of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Hemp And the Marijuana Conspiracy which educated generations of cannabis activists, is now the namesake of this popular sativa, fairly low in THC that makes for an excellent daytime high, perfect for sneaking tokes on your coffee break at work. Appropriately it’s also known as a strain conducive to creativity. A great buzz that won’t interrupt your day or stop you from getting things done!


Lemon Kush

This one is close to a perfect hybrid - with close to a 50:50 sativa vs indica ratio making it an excellent choice for most users. A mix of Afghani Kush and Lemon G it does actually have a strong flavor of lemon. Potent with a high THC content, and also fruity and flavorful. Cerebral with a slow build. This one is fun!