Edibles have been a hugely popular method of cannabis consumption since the 1960s and the days of the “hash brownie.” Today, much more is known about cooking with cannabis, how to do it, what you can do with it - and these days, if your palate is sophisticated, your cannabis infused foods can be too. In an era when mainstream celebrity cooks are holding dinner parties with cannabis, and gourmet canna cooks are appearing in every big city marketplace - diners are getting the chance to taste cannabis and weed in a whole new way. Even the government is selling cannabis and weed with limited THC content...but if you need a little bit more, you can find it here. Our portal is proud to presen some of the finest foods you’ll find anywhere - with more than a little dank mixed in - and that’s a GOOD thing! If you’d like to try your own hand and making marijuana meals, we’ve put together a couple of easy recipes that will wow ANY dinner guest!

The Appetizer : “Get High Guacamole”
Mash 3 avocados. Mix with the juice of one lime, one teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon cannabis oil. Add tomatoes, garlic, onion. Refrigerate one hour or serve immediately.

The Dinner : “Stoner Spaghetti” Add one spoon of cannabis oil or cannabis infused butter to the pasta after draining. Add tomato sauce, garnish with sprigs of fresh cannabis paired with garlic bread toasted and slathered with canna butter.

The Dessert : Cannabis Infused Chocolate Cake. This one isn't for the kiddies! Take your favourite chocolate cake recipe and replace the butter with canna butter! One slice at a time, now!

The Drink : There is not much that can improve on a hot cup of cannabis infused tea! Have a cuppa!